1.4 The Decision

Cameron’s hard work at her boring office job had finally earned her that big promotion, and over the past few days she’s been upgrading her house.

“It’s…still a work in progress, but it has enough space to satisfy me for now.” Cameron commented. “Could use a few windows, and the walls are a bit bare..”

Unfortunately, all of this hard work meant less and less time to spend with Mason. Cameron felt absolutely awful having to decline hanging out for the third time that week, but being the stubborn perfectionist she is she couldn’t let her mind stray from work.

After a particularly stressful (and draining) day at work, her friend Noelle invited her out for some coffee, refusing to allow her to overwork herself again.

“Seriously, Cameron! It’s become a problem. You’re always dragging yourself around town and Mason has been calling me nonstop. It’s time you sat back for a weekend and relaxed.”

Cameron was about to argue back, but seeing the concern in Noelle’s eyes she finally agreed to her request.

She spent the next morning painting and admiring the scenery outside of her house. She felt proud that she could call this quiet mountaintop her own.

She decided to invite Mason out on a date, and while dialing up his number she got a call from an excited Noelle who told her that her and her husband Vince were expecting a baby. Cameron congratulated her friend, equally as excited. This brought her to think about her future with Mason.

“Screw it,” thought Cameron. “I’m put together, mostly, I have a decent living, and I’m going to ask Mason to move in with me!”


1.3 Not-So-Awesome Night

Everything seemed normal. Cameron had just gotten back from work and occupied her time painting. She felt a bit hungry so she decided to make herself some mac and cheese before going to bed. But, in the middle of preparing her dinner, something strange happened outside. Of course, Cameron took it upon herself to investigate.

This turned out to be a bad idea as she was swiftly abducted by aliens.

Things seemed to just get worse. She arrived back home to find that her house was burning due to the mac and cheese being left on the stove! She tried to put it out, but it was no use. Panicking, she called the fire station and ran outside…

…Only to pass out from sheer terror.

The firefighters came quickly, scolding her and telling her to be more careful. Cameron bitterly thought that it wasn’t *her* fault she got abducted! It seems the only good thing to come out of all of this was the insurance money.


1.2 Romance?

Cameron had been spending a lot more time with Mason, and her friends noted this with interest.

Noelle Tomlinson, pictured above, convinced Cameron to just go for it and tell him. Cameron, being a coward, took a few days worrying about it, but in a random burst of courage asked him out and confessed.

The date went well and they ended up sharing their first kiss.

Now, Spring has come and the two have decided to make it official.

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge

1.1 Meet The Founder

In the middle of a scorching summer, our founder, Cameron, moves to Meadow Glen to start her own independent life.

With hardly any money, Cameron manages to construct a small shack with the basic necessities. She spends most of her days painting and dumpster diving to make what little she can.

After getting a job and having a bit more income, she decides to spend her leisure day meeting the townsfolk. She eventually comes across a guy named Mason Steel who she immediately hits it off with.

Over the coming seasons the two become great friends, and Cameron has made other friends in her coworkers, namely Cori Calvin. She continues working hard making money, and by the time winter comes she is able to upgrade her shack to be more spacious, but definitely nowhere near prettier.

Cameron is looking to the future and is feeling hopeful for things to come. If only this winter would leave as soon as it came…