1.4 The Decision

Cameron’s hard work at her boring office job had finally earned her that big promotion, and over the past few days she’s been upgrading her house. “It’s…still a work in progress, but it has enough space to satisfy me for now.” Cameron commented. “Could use a few windows, and the walls are a bit bare..”… Continue reading 1.4 The Decision

1.3 Not-So-Awesome Night

Everything seemed normal. Cameron had just gotten back from work and occupied her time painting. She felt a bit hungry so she decided to make herself some mac and cheese before going to bed. But, in the middle of preparing her dinner, something strange happened outside. Of course, Cameron took it upon herself to investigate.… Continue reading 1.3 Not-So-Awesome Night

1.2 Romance?

Cameron had been spending a lot more time with Mason, and her friends noted this with interest. Noelle Tomlinson, pictured above, convinced Cameron to just go for it and tell him. Cameron, being a coward, took a few days worrying about it, but in a random burst of courage asked him out and confessed. The… Continue reading 1.2 Romance?