1.3 Not-So-Awesome Night

Everything seemed normal. Cameron had just gotten back from work and occupied her time painting. She felt a bit hungry so she decided to make herself some mac and cheese before going to bed. But, in the middle of preparing her dinner, something strange happened outside. Of course, Cameron took it upon herself to investigate.

This turned out to be a bad idea as she was swiftly abducted by aliens.

Things seemed to just get worse. She arrived back home to find that her house was burning due to the mac and cheese being left on the stove! She tried to put it out, but it was no use. Panicking, she called the fire station and ran outside…

…Only to pass out from sheer terror.

The firefighters came quickly, scolding her and telling her to be more careful. Cameron bitterly thought that it wasn’t *her* fault she got abducted! It seems the only good thing to come out of all of this was the insurance money.

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